The Global Convenant of Mayors is the largest global alliance for city climate leadership, built upon the commitment of over 10,000 cities and local governments. These cities hail from 6 continents and 139 countries. In total, they represent more than 800 million people.They share a long-term vision of supporting voluntary action to combat climate change. They’re working towards a resilient and low-emission society.

The Global Commission on Adaption issued this report: “ Adapt now: a Global call for Leadership on climate resilience“: This authoritative report issued in September 2019 is a global call for leadership on climate resilience. It says that investing in adaptation, and in the innovation that comes with it, can unlock new opportunities and spur change across the globe. Adaptation can provide a triple dividend: it avoids economic losses, brings positive gains, and delivers additional social and environmental benefits. It provides an overview of challenges and various areas for action including water governance for climate resilience.

In a report ” Governance of Climate Adaptation and Disaster Risk Reduction in Vulnerable Low-Lying Countries” presented at the Stockholm International Water Week in 2015, cases on Mozambique, Indonesia, Vietnam, Bangladesh and Zanzibar showed how climate change impacts have the potential to undermine and even undo progress in development.

To sustainably develop their economies, adapt to climate change, and reduce disaster risk, the development of effective governance arrangements in a participatory process can play an important role.

During past years the Water Integrity Network has become increasingly active in relation to adaptation to climate change. Some publications on the website are relevant for Wise Water Development, relating to water governance and water integrity for Climate adaptation. Jointly with partners, it shared experiences around the principles during international conferences such as The World Water Fora, the yearly Stockholm International Water Week and Adaptation Futures conferences in Rotterdam and Cape Town, and the Africa Water Week conference in 2018. A related article in English by Teun Bastemeijer “Water integrity to close financing gaps in Africa” has recently been published in “Les Annales Des Mines”. This article relates to investing under conditions of climate change.