Share your experience!

Sharing your experience can help others to finding solutions in different contexts and subsectors. In this spirit, the OECD Water Governance Initiative delivered a number of evolving practice stories including pilot tests of the indicator framework, The summaries can be found by clicking on a map showing the locations of the practices. This map can be found here. Several of these water governance stories relate to climate change, for example this one

If you wish to share an ongoing story on building climate resilience at local (district, municipal, city or basin) level through a collective, multi stakeholder effort and are interested to share it, please let us know. This would serve to establish initial contact with Minerva Wise Water Development, which can help in introducing you to other local initiatives and network partners. We aim to determine the way forward in terms of cooperation with us and others in good mutual consultation.

A short message to with a short description would be helpful. The message will automatically be forwarded and you will be contacted within 5 days.

Stories can be published on this site in consultation with the entity or person proposing the story, or by using a link to a web site e.g. of another network, knowledge centre or  local water and climate initiative.